Friday, February 8, 2008

New Kitty Pictures

It's a tough life... Shiloh spends all day working...

Ulysses spends all day lounging...

And then they spend the evening snuggling together...

It's tough to be a cat!!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

I'm F*#^ing Matt Damon

This is quite possibly one of the funniest videos I have ever seen. I love Matt Damon and this hilarious video is a sign of his fun and silly side. All of the cursing is bleaped out, but you'll get the picture! If you don't know the back story, Matt Damon was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel's show and was in the last guest spot when time ran out and his appearance was basically cut. I believe this happened more than once and it created a bit of "rift" (although it may have just been for fun) between the two of them. Kimmel's girlfriend, Sarah Silverman, made this video for Jimmy. She sets it up rather nicely, so I'll let her do that... Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Loss of a Hollywood Friend

I am really sad about the death of actor Heath Ledger. I have really loved his acting since I saw The Patriot and A Knight's Tale is one of my favorite movies. Every webpage that I click on that has an update or a picture of him makes me want to cry. I believe that he had such potential and was really coming into his own as an actor. I was so excited when he was named as The Joker in the next Batman movie. I still look forward to that film, but it will be very sad to see him in his final role.

Friday, January 18, 2008

A Day Off

Today is Friday and it is my day off. Because I work every third Saturday, I get every third Friday all to myself. Charley started back to classes yesterday, so I truly have the day to myself. I had to go grocery shopping today, but that was about it. I wasn't in any rush this morning, so I lounged in The Sac for a while and finished reading my book, Queen of Sorcerey by David Eddings. I've got the next book in the series and I'll probably make a cup of tea and get started on that one in a few minutes. I did finally go to the store and got my shopping done. We didn't have much food in the house so I had to buy a lot. Now the fridge is full of fruit and other tasty treats, so I feel better.

Though I am enjoying my day off, I will admit that I was really happy to get back to work this week. It was nice to come back de-stressed and feeling on top of all of my projects. Monday started off with a SRT meeting, which was a bit tedious, but mostly productive. I was glad to get back to my story times too. I really missed all of my little kids, so it was good to see them again after a pretty long break. I feel refreshed and I hope that the feeling stays with me for a while. I know that it will get busy with various projects soon, so I will try really hard to stay on top of the stress. One nice thing about this particular weekend is that even though I have to work on Saturday, I will still have a 2-day weekend because we are closed on Monday for MLK Day. I don't feel as much pressure to get the housework done because I will have all day Sunday and Monday (another day all to myself since Charley will have work regardless of the holiday).

I may try some new recipes this weekend. I'll let you know what I try and if there is anything that you should try too! I think I'll go to my book now. I am really enjoying this series. I read it several years ago and only remember fragments of the story so it is enjoyable once again!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Back Home

It is a wonderful feeling to walk back into your home after being away for any extended period of time.

We checked out of our room at 11 am on Wednesday and had quite a bit of time before we had to leave for the airport. We checked our bags with the bell captain and went for a walk. We hit the International Marketplace and I finally found a few pieces of jewelery that I wanted. We still had lots of time to kill, so we took a cab to the Ala Moana mall and went to Barnes and Noble. During all of our wanderings in the downtown area, we couldn't find a book store and we were both craving some reading material. I found a couple of books and Charley found some Stephen King that he hadn't read. We decided to have lunch at the mall, so we went to Ruby Tuesdays. I had my last pieces of fresh pineapple with my salad bar order and we both enjoyed a fresh pomegranate lemonade - so tasty! We headed back to the Marriott and read for a while to pass the afternoon. Before our shuttle to airport came, we decided to get some ice cream, so we headed to the Coldstone Creamery around the corner of the hotel. The diet starts up again when we get back!

We left Hawaii at 9:30 Wednesday night and arrived in LA around 5 am. We arrived at our hotel, a stone's throw from LAX, around 5:45 am. Charley went to bed almost immediately because he had a meeting at 8:30 am and would have to get up by 7:15 to get ready, grab a cab, and arrive at the school in time for the meeting. He didn't sleep much on the plane and he had to be fresh for his meeting. I stayed awake for a while - I was kind of wired from all of the travelling. I ironed his shirt for the meeting, read the newspaper, and ordered some room service. Our food arrived at 7:20 and we enjoyed a deliciously expensive meal of pancakes and hash browns. Charley got himself showered and dressed and as he was about to head out the door, he realized that he didn't have his cell phone. We are fairly certain that he lost it on the shuttle from the airport to the hotel, but sadly, it is probably gone forever. Charley went to his meeting and I went to bed. I slept for a glorious 5 hours.

Charley's meeting went really well. This meeting was for his job at the LBC, which officially begins in May. He was meeting with a school that is interested in Artful Learning, and I am really proud to say that the meeting went really well. The school is likely going to sign a 3-year contract, which is more than was expected when he went into the meeting. Needless to say, Charley was completely exhausted when he got back, so he went right to sleep. That evening we ordered Chinese food and just chilled out in our room. We both slept well, though probably not long enough!

On Friday morning, we got up early and had to make our 9:15 plane from LAX to BWI. The flight was good and I'm really happy to say that all of our flights went well on this trip. There weren't any delays. We didn't lose any luggage. And even though our last flight was in the regular seating area on the plane (we couldn't upgrade to get those extra 6 inches of legroom this time), the trip was comfortable, and went by pretty quickly. We got into Baltimore at 4:55pm and were worried about Friday night rush hour traffic. I drove and I'm happy to report that we didn't hit a bit of traffic! There were lots of cars on the road, but there weren't any accidents and we flowed along quite well! We stopped for a quick bite to eat, since we don't have any food at home! And we were walking in our door at 7:20 pm.

We were so happy to be home. And our kitties seemed quite pleased to see us too - well, as please as cats can seem anyway! We unpacked and spent some time snuggling with Ulysses. Shiloh took a while to come out, but since she finally did, she has usually been in my lap or Charley's. I have had to contort my body to accommodate the cats sleeping on our bed for the last 2 nights. I don't mind though - I'm just happy to be home!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hawaii - Day 9 - The Last Day

I'll enter some final comments in a day or two. Right now, I'm exhausted and ready for a bite to eat! We're in Los Angeles now and will be heading back home tomorrow. Here are 2 final, and very appropriate pictures, of our visit to Hawaii. We loved it and hope to be back again some day!

Day 8

This was my favorite day of the whole trip! We rented a car and headed up to the north shore. It is so amazing how the landscape and vegetation changes so dramatically when you get out of Waikiki Beach. The island is only 30 miles from north to south and 60 miles from east to west, but because of traffic, poor road conditions, and lack of roads in certain spots, it takes a long time to navigate the whole island! On this day, we decided to visit a bunch of different places.

We went to the Dole Pineapple Plantation where we tried our hand at the world's largest maze, which took us about an hour. We only found 6 of the 8 stations that we were supposed to find! The hedges are around 8 feet tall and there are over 3 miles of paths in the whole maze! After the maze we treated ourselves to a Dole Whip, which is not ice cream and not sorbet. It is somewhere in between and is full of pineapple tastiness!!

Next, we went to the Waimea Falls, which featured an Audobon Nature Preserve. I took a bunch of pictures there and here are my favorites:

The Nature Center:

A Cannon Ball Tree (each round ball weighs about 10 pounds!)

The Men's Hut

The Women's Hut

Waimea Falls

Our final stop of the day was the Kona Brewing Company which took a bit of driving around and getting lost to find, but it was well worth it when we found it! We beat the dinner crowds because we were eating our traditional "linner" and some really tasty beverages. I had a "gingerade" which was non-alcoholic and tasted a bit like a really gingery lemonade. Charley and the Pool's tried some of the various brews and we all gorged on a delicious meal! Here are some pictures from our view on the deck of the restaurant.